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Craig Burton Shares How To Make the Most of Your Lunch Hour in Leeds

Are you one of the 70% of Brits who rarely take a proper break for lunch? Researchers in Berlin have revealed that eating at your desk and not taking a lunch break can make you more stressed and reduce creativity and motivation.

Taking a short break from work each day can do wonders for your wellbeing and your work. Try these lovely ideas to breathe new life into your lunch break

Do Some Exercise

I’m sure many of you may have seen me cycling around Leeds at some point! I love keeping fit and getting some fresh air, it beats driving any day! You could go for a run, join a local gym (they do some fab short fitness classes), do some stair climbing or just a nice brisk walk.

Find Some Nice Scenery

I’m very lucky that our office is on the waterfront so if I need a quick ten minutes, I just sit outside in the sun and watch the world go by. Who doesn’t love a good old session of people watching?

Eat your Lunch in the Park

Ask a colleague or a friend to join you for a catch up and a giggle. There’s nothing better than sitting on the grass with some nice healthy lunch and the sun on your face. It will make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle your workload when you get back!

Visit the Local Market

I love Leeds Kirkgate Market! There are some amazing sights, smells and sounds every time I go in! You can browse the stalls or stock up on your grocery shopping with the knowledge that you are supporting a local business rather than a multi-international food chain!

Nip into the Library or a Local Museum

Sometimes just half an hour in a peaceful atmosphere can really help the mind refocus and increase productivity levels when you are back at the workplace.

Listen to Music

Sometimes we all need a little extra zen in our lives. You can download guided relaxation music to help regulate breathing and reduce tension. Or just some good old classic chilled out tunes!

So dust off the running trainers, pack yourself some healthy “on the go” lunch, check out the local scenery and get a bit of fresh air! It will do you the world of good. And don’t be checking your work emails during your break!


Craig Burton is a seasoned specialist recruiter of over twenty five years with www.theworksrec.co.uk

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