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City Dweller Magazine Fashion Columnist Lindsey Benson is Helping us Prep for Party Season

It’s Christmas already?! I haven’t had my summer holiday, the labels are still on my swimwear and I haven’t even had blisters from those gorgeous ‘too high for me’ sexy sandals yet! 

It will silently creep up and be here before we know it, whether we like it or not. The summer sales will clear (thankfully) and the shops will start showing heavier, richer items ready for the Autumn season. Thanks to many firms wanting to save a few quid, a lot of businesses hold their Christmas parties as early as October, so realistically the planning of your seasonal party attire isn’t far away. Not just your works Christmas do, but meals with family, nights out with friends, they all require suitable outfits.

This years party season will be all about jewels. Embellished pieces in jewel tones are exactly what you need to look for. Emerald greens, Ruby reds and Sapphire blues are just a few to mention. Men and women will look the most regal they have done in many seasons. Fabrics should be satin, velvet, jacquard, think royalty, think heavy. If you don’t want to buy a new outfit, a jewelled bag or stiletto would be the perfect addition to an existing ensemble or a jewel toned tie or shirt would accompany an existing suit. If your outfit is simple, then jewellery is the key to staying on trend.

The skies the limit! Earrings, think Pat Butcher, the bigger the better. Necklaces, rings, cufflinks, if it can be a jewel, let it be a jewel. Statement pieces will be extremely eye catching this party season.

If some of this sounds too over the top for your taste, a simple brooch or decorative hair pin is an easy answer. Stylish, classy and elegant.

Our great British high street will once again, treat us to a party worthy wardrobe ready for the seasonal festivities! You can see more fashion choices over the next few pages!

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