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Advertising With Us

Advertising with What’s On Bradford is a great way to promote your venue or products on the web!

Side Panel Advert
These types of adverts display in the Side Panels to the right as illustrated. We have adverts of various sizes to suit many budgets. Subjects within this website are divided into categories such as Food & Drink (for example). This means we target advertising to display in a category that aligns with a clients product or venue type, maximising its impact.
Full Page Adverts
We also offer a Full PageAdvert for a big feature. These Full Page adverts span the full width of the website and also come with a linked teaser panel that displays on the home page, and will link to the full page advert.
Banner Advertising
The top panel of our website has an area that contains a Banner Advert. You can advertise in this space and have it to display on every page in the website including the home page and all other category pages.

Advertising Rates
We have attractive deals on advert placements. The rates are based on the advert type and size. Most clients place adverts on a monthly basis, but we offer discounted rates for 3 monthly and 6 monthly placements. Contact us, and we can discuss an advertising strategy to suit your particular business model.

Contact Details

Drop us an email at or call us on 0113 468 9578