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Theatre Review: Matthew Jameson Visits Bradford Alhambra to Review “Fame”


‘I wanna live forever’ the immortal lyrics in one of the most iconic songs of the twentieth century, now reimagined and brought to life again. Fame, the fast-paced adrenaline filled musical delight, takes centre stage at the Alhambra Theatre Bradford in style. Set in the nostalgic 80’s and based on the original TV show, then a movie, then off Broadway on the famous 42ndStreet. What a way to begin and now celebrating its 30thyear with this fantastic anniversary tour, packing a punch that no dream is too big!

The New York High School for Performing Arts is the inspiration for the emotionally filled narrative bringing a group of young talented hopefuls together facing the tough reality of wanting to be a star. Like other similar stories there are a number of underlying themes, sex, racism, drugs and self-worth all nicely packaged together to balance out the euphoric highs of being the best. If you liked Glee, you’re gunna love this.

Setting the scene, Nick (Keith Jack) and Serena (Molly McGuire) are wanna be actors trying to find their inner self to play the perfect part. Carmon (Stephanie Rojas) has other ideas and thinks stardom will be handed to her on a plate. Joe (Albey Brookes) is the class clown and makes light of all the high emotion running through along with Mabel (Hayley Johnston), two peas in a pod! Tyrone (Jamal Kane Crawford) showing off his incredible moves but not hitting the academic goal he needs while Iris (Jorgie Porter) lends a hand with her delicate approach to everything including her incredible dance moves. The musical talents of Schlomo (Simon Anthony), Lambchops (Louisa Beadel) and Goody (Alexander Zane) hold everything together with live music hitting the heights.

Every cast member brings it, with high energy and flawless musical numbers sending sparks in the auditorium. One stand out performance that has to be mentioned is Mica Paris as Miss Sherman, absolutely incredible! Not only commanding the stage as a force to be reckoned with but undeniably one of the best soul voices of our time, hitting ever note with poise and power sending shivers down your spine, truly amazing. A show not to miss and an era we will never forget.



       Matthew Jameson


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