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British Record Holder John Lane Gives Advice To Help You Get the Best Out of Your Work Out

Get your steps up

With the weather currently playing ball. It would be a shame to waste the outdoors. Try picking one day out of the week and change things up a bit. Try and walk everywhere that day. If you’re going to work don’t drive. Get the bus or walk instead. If you’re playing golf, walk the course and don’t hire a buggy. Even if it’s just walking the dog, take him for two walks that day instead of one. He will love you for it. It’s a great way to burn some extra calories whilst enjoying the sunshine.

Travelling fitness

Whilst travelling it’s very easy to forget to exercise full stop. If you are travelling abroad for work or even a holiday, try and book a hotel with a gym or fitness facilities. 25-35 minutes in the morning of everyday whilst you’re abroad is all you need to keep on track and keep that guilty conscious away.

Long term v short term goals

When you set out with a long-term goal in mind, be aware that it’s going to take an accumulation of short term goals to finish your journey. Making some small and realistic short term goals is a great way to break your training up and keeps you motivated to keep on track. It’s also a good physiological feeling when you achieve what you set out to do. Breaking your journey up into small chunks is the way forward to achieve your ultimate goal.

Workout ratio

When you’re doing a high and intense work out, try the 2:1 ratio of exercise: rest if you’re doing a circuit in the gym, try 30 seconds on the exercise followed by 1 minute rest. This will give you time to adjust the weights if need be. Or have a quick drink in between stets. This will also keep your heart rate up and will increase your calorie count during your session.

Hill sprints

If part of your training involves sprints or speed work, maybe a way to mix things up is to take your sprints onto the hill. Hill runs are a great way to increase leg strength and build speed and power. It doesn’t have to be Mount Everest, but any hill that has a slight gradient will do the trick.

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