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Fitness Tips By Great Britain Athlete John Lane




Make the most of the nice weather With the snow and rain slowly giving way to sunshine and hotter days, try and get yourself outside exercising as much as you can instead of being stuck on a treadmill in the gym. Running, bike riding, swimming or even walking can be great way of exercising whilst summer is here. It’s a great way to get some sun on your back and your daily dose of vitamin D!

Activate your core muscles You don’t need a six pack to have great core muscles. Crunches and sit ups are it’s not a great way to activate your core muscles. Your core is what keeps your posture in check and helps you down the line with back problems. Exercises such as plank, roll outs, leg lowers are a great way of activating your core and getting them as strong as you can be. Wind down after your workout If your gym has a sauna and steam room, that’s a great way to recover after a long hard session in the gym. Try go into the sauna and steam room after you have trained. This will help your muscles recover and will help your muscles become more flexible and durable. After you have gone in the sauna, try and take 10-15 minutes to stretch wile your body is warm. Stay dedicated to achieve your goals Running a marathon is on most people’s bucket list. Running a marathon is not the same as going for a weekly jog around your block.

You have to dedicate and train your body to put up with the stress of running a marathon. Try and gradually build your training up slowly instead of jumping right into it and trying to run 15 miles first up. Your body will help you in the long run! Keep your heart rate up Interval training is a great way of increasing your cardio and speed at the same time. Short sharp bursts of exercise can be a great way to elevate your heart rate and burn lots of calories in a short time. Try doing 30 seconds on with 15 seconds off. This will keep your heart rate elevated the whole session.

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