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The Last Word with Adam O’Neill From Capital Breakfast

A year ago, for JoJo’s birthday surprise I blindfolded her and made her play a game of ‘guess which singer is whispering in your ear’!

It didn’t take her long to correctly guess it was Olly Murs, however this meeting led to her nicknaming him ‘Oily Murs’ because of his inappropriate ear whispering technique (she claims she didn’t enjoy it, whatever!).

A year on, we ditched the blindfold and presented JoJo with not one boy, but three… The Script! Glen, Mark and Danny had come prepared and composed JoJo a special birthday song called ‘Dirty Mouth’! Well, less song and more a short poem mocking the fact she had recently fallen down her stairs and was attempting to talk through a mouth full of stitches! The lads have been away for the past 3 years and are back with a fantastic new track ‘Rain’ and they also have an album on the way very soon… AND of course a live tour at some point. We made it VERY clear we expected a Leeds Arena date!

We made our annual trip from Leeds to everybody’s favourite seaside destination SCARBOROUGH last month! I absolutely adore Leeds at the weekend, having a little Saturday afternoon bar crawl, some food, it’s perfect, but sometimes you just need some sea air!

This years ‘No Carbs Before Scarbs’ was a proper sunny affair – we enjoyed the slots, a tour of the lifeboat station, a big night out, and of course… fish and chips! (even if I had to eat them hiding inside a phone box because of the prowling seagulls!). It was great fun hanging out with so many of our listeners on a bit of a ridiculous trip away! Video highlights are at so check it out. See you next year for Scarbs 2K18 😉

It was a pretty huge month for Leeds last month – it was announced that our ever expanding and growing city is experiencing bigger financial growth than London… we’re coming for you! Thinking about this really made me appreciate all the work that goes on behind the scenes, high up, to make this such an amazing city to be part of.

Even Prince Harry got in on the action spending a couple of days in our fine city, helping to raise awareness of some of his passions from rugby to the mental health of young people. We’d heard rumours he would be visiting the Leeds Childrens Hospital near Capital Towers, and when we saw his convoy arrive we went running to have a look (and lost all chill!). We didn’t get a great photo… but please enjoy this one of part of Harry’s head!

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