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Matilda The Musical

Our Theatre critic Matthew Jameson visits The Bradford Alhambra to see Matilda The Musical.

The Royal Shakespeare Company have done something incredible, magical and mischievous. What you are about to witness is truly the truth and no mistaking that… well not quite the truth but never the less one of the most loved children’s stories in all modern literature. I wonder if Roald Dahl himself could have imagined a live action, musical version of his most loved book Matilda. Finally arriving on tour after many years in the West End the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford host the extravaganza, with this being the only Yorkshire venue on the schedule do not miss out!

Full of fun and energy the children of this brilliant production shine a radiant light as they all delivery amazing performances. From Matilda to her classmates their enthusiasm and sparkle on stage are second to none throwing a punch with every line and musical number. Fantastic songs When I grow Up and Revolting Children help tell the tale and bring the characters to life with fresh points of view from the original narrative.

Did you know Roald Dahl wrote Matilda in a shed over 30 years ago? His imagination brought to life the story of a little girl who could move things with the power of her eyes, and then used this power in the most selfless way to help someone who needed it the most. Miss honey (Carly Thoms) helps nurture Matilda’s extraordinary intelligence as well as defending all the children in school from the dark and totally horrible Miss Trunchbull (Elliot Harper). With Matilda’s parents having no interest in her at all she embarks on her own story only to find her imagination will lead to the truth in them all.

With some hilarious moments throughout provided by great characters both young and adult. Mr Wormwood (Sebastien Torkia) and Mrs Wormwood (Rebecca Thornhill), Matilda’s parents, really show their lack of parental skills and intellect at the same time. Bruce with his epic chocolate cake battle and Lavender being as mischievous as she could possibly be! But nothing can compare to Elliot Harper and his fantastic portrayal of the horrendously vile Mis Trunchbull, making us feel like we’re back as school and petrified of the head teacher’s wrath. A triumph in every way, feel good and remember your youth in the best way possible, rebel! 

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