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Club Tropicana The Alhambra Theatre

Do you dream of the 80’s, well this is the perfect trip back in time to reminisce those excessive shoulder pads and the campest songs of the decade. Did you every fly off to Spain to forget the love you lost? If you did you may have ended up in somewhere similar but in no way as hilarious as Club Tropicana! Fasten your safety belts and note the emergency exits as you’re flying none stop to fun, sun and fantastic cocktails curtesy of Club Tropicana right here in Yorkshire at the Alhambra Bradford. 

Who’d of thought it was 10 years ago a young fresh faced Joe McElderry first appeared on our screens and won The X Factor stealing the hearts of millions across the nation. Well he’s back with a bang as Club Tropicana The Musical’s camp and outrageous host Garry, packing a punch with hysterical one liners and of course his incredible voice belting out those classic 80’s hits. Managing Spain’s No 1 destination Club Tropicana we find Serena (Amelle Berrabah) and Robert (Neil McDermott) hoping to win resort of the year. But as always things are not as they seem both professionally and personally, is there love in the air? The arrival of Christine (Emily Tierney) throws a spanner in the works but is she the real deal?? With the help of their faithful employee Consuela (Kate Robbins) the chaos emulates and delivers one of the funniest and entertaining productions I’ve ever seen.

This has everything, the young couple Olly (Cellen Chugg Jones) and Lorraine (Karina Hind) soul searching with their friends to see if they are destined for wedded bliss. The jealous confidant Tracey (Rebecca Mendoza) trying to steal Olly away with brilliant comedy timing and all-round fun factor! The show is stolen by two fantastic performances, firstly Joe who executes comedy moments perfectly and delivers an incredible vocal showstopper. And the amazing Kate Robbins playing Consuela is just out of this world showing comedy at it’s best, trust me you will not stop laughing and feel elated beyond belief. Book your flight now you won’t want to miss the experience of a lifetime! 


Matthew Jameson

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