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The Hair Tattoo a.k.a. Scalp Micropigmentation: Should You Do It?

According to a recent research-based study, 42% of the males in between the age of 18 to 49 have adequate to heavy hair loss. As we have witnessed in our daily life that most men faces baldness issues while aging, but few can face the problem in their early years as well, especially the ones who are dealing with male pattern baldness. 

There are many procedures to remedies and treatments to resolve this Hair loss issues, for example, people go for medication and use medicines like Minoxidil, or go for hair transplant. But currently, the fastest getting popular resolution is SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) also widely known as Hair Tattoo, it helps strengthens remaining hairs, hiding the marks of hair transplant and reinstates retreating hairlines.


SMP is a procedure in which Tattoo is pigmented into the scalp of the person with the help of microneedles. This pigmentation gives the looks of very small hair follicles, which creates the appearance of a completely filled head of hair. The process duplicates your old hair follicles along with thickening and adding mass to weakening part of the hairs. SMP is also an amazing option for men who are not totally bald but are facing increasing hair loss or dimensioning hair quality like losing the thickness of the hair. 

1. How is it done?

It depends on different factors which are ultimately related to the intensity of your hair loss and your choices, for example, choice of style you choose for your hair pattern, so basically it differs from case to case but usually, it takes 3 sessions for a person for SMP treatment. In the procedure, a layer of small pigmented dots is created on your scalp, which is just like creating a tattoo on your skin with microneedles. Unlike Tattooing, SMP is performed by professionally trained specialists. These specialists put the pigmented dots on the skin of your head which gives the impression of a fully shaved head of complete hairs.

Before the procedure starts, you will have a detailed meeting with the specialized practitioner who will perform the process, he will discuss all the aspects of the procedure including your requirements and choices regarding hairstyle, hairline, the thickness of pigmented dots and the color shade you want.

Once the process has started the implication of color shade is very important as the shade have to be the same as the natural hairs shade, enabling it to give the best impression. For this, the practitioner has to start with applying lighter shades and gradually going towards darker shades for the best matching with the natural color shade of the patient. 

2. How long does a treatment last?

As described earlier, normally treatment takes three sessions. And the amount of time differs in every case but usually, the first session takes around 3 to 5 hours, and after that next sessions takes less time because the main task which is; making the right blend in accordance with natural hair color shade, is normally achieved in the first session. 

4. Does it hurt?

It doesn’t hurt much but many patients feel discomfort in early sessions of the treatment, especially the ones who never have such experiences before like tattooing. But this discomfort phase gradually goes away as we proceed with the next sessions, few parts of our scalp are more sensitive which have dense nerves endings than other parts, so they sometimes may cause more discomfort, but most of the patients remain focused on the positive side of the treatment which is the ultimate comfort of enjoying hairs like appearance. 

The best part is that Scalp micropigmentation hurts less than tattooing and way less than hair transplantation. Still it does have an option of Anaesthetics for patients, but usually, men don’t choose this option and prefer to go without it.

5. How long it takes to be normal?

There is no specific rehabilitation following a scalp micropigmentation treatment, the patient might experience mild redness on the skin after each process that may remain for 24-48 hours. The Primary time period between treatments is seven days so a large number of patients get to work the very next day.

6. Are there side effects?

This process does have a few side effects. The scalp will show some redness initially and the spots will change its color and become darker even larger as it is the part of the healing of the skin. Moreover, the small marks that are created by the process will disappear draining the pigment with them.

7. Is SMP Just for men?

Similar to men women can also go through my hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation is adequate in treating extreme baldness in women. SMP is becoming popular among women as they endure events such as depression, pregnancy, and anxiety&nbsp. Therefore this method is chosen by many women to treat their baldness.

However, SMP for women is different from that of men. At the same time, men get treatments to reproduce clipped hair follicles; the basic aim of treatment for women is to reduce the comparison between the hair and scalp. There is very rare that a woman may get totally bald as they mostly lose hair uniformly through their whole scalp. Furthermore, it is not needed for women to shave her head just before the SMP treatments as a woman’s front hairline stays unharmed. Rather, the doctor divides the hair into sections covering with pigmentation. The outcome – a shadowed scalp – leaving it difficult to spot any difference in between scalp and hair .that gives an image of more voluminous and dense hair. Note: SMP shows remarkable results on brunette hair or women with deep color, therefore, it is not suggested for blonde women.

8. How much maintenance is involved?

It is recommended that in some of the initial days after treatment patient should refrain from rinsing the head or applying shampoo and activities that result in sweating of the scalp. At the fourth day, maximum men are allowed to shave with a foil shaver while remaining attentive to not touching the area where healing has not yet started. At day 10 only you should use a razor blade. Most of the time an SMP treatment is durable until four to six years before it needs to be done again because the pigments may get lighter. 

9. How much does scalp micropigmentation cost?

The cost mostly lay on an array of elements along with the technician you choose, the country in which it is based and the kind of process it consists. Bradford scalp micropigmentation clinics usually charge around £1000-2000.

10. What are some disadvantages of SMP?

There are few disadvantages from the treatments of SMP 

  • SMP is the changeless process that some men see as a con .this is because the hair arrangement remains the same – just like a tattoo on the skin – altering it depends upon the laser hair removal procedure. 
  • Long hours of sun exposure enhance the chance of fading. This needs the patient for a regular check-up for good maintenance.
  • To get a better edge from SMP men are advised to keep their hair short.

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