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Yasmin Macis Experiences Nature’s Finest

By far the best way to see animals is in their own habitats, where they act naturally and are an integral part of the landscape. That’s why I’d like to offer you a choice of holidays that include close encounters with amazing creatures in the wild.
African safaris remain popular with my clients and are a safe bet if you want to tick the ‘Big 5’ animals off your bucket-list, but this time I thought you might like to read about some more unusual wildlife tours.

Latin America, for example, is home to an incredibly diverse array of animals, thanks to terrain that encompasses not only rainforest but glaciers, deserts and the extraordinary Galapagos Islands, home to the legendary, giant tortoise.

Costa Rica is a lesser known destination which boasts the extraordinary Tortuguero National Park, a beautiful archipelago that provides nesting sites for another large reptile – the sea turtle. There are also miles of creeks and lagoons, where you might spot hunting caimans and playful sea otters. If you want to track down the extremely elusive jaguar, you need to head up into the country’s Santa Elena cloud forest reserve.

Hopping across continents, the Indian Ocean is the place to go if you’re looking to spot amazing sea life. The Seychelles has marine national parks, where snorkelers and scuba divers revel in an underwater paradise of multicoloured fish, whales and dolphins. On land, you’ll find amazing flying foxes, giant coconut crabs, tree frogs and yet more giant tortoises! And in the relentlessly blue skies, there are vast squadrons of fabulously coloured birds. The unspoilt islands’ hotels and lodges are also wonderful places to escape and unwind.

If you prefer colder climes, North America’s coastline and national parks offer so many great experiences. Whale-watching is a big deal off the coasts of Alaska and Canada, where you can marvel as humpbacks, finbacks and right whales break the surface and blow water high into the air – an unmissable photo opportunity! Meanwhile, in the awe-inspiring forests and mountains, bears, wolves and moose rule the roost and you can trek into their domain with experienced guides.

I can arrange convenient flights and accommodation to suit all budgets, often at far better rates than you’ll find online.


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